The Hauge Movement in America
The Hauge Movement in America


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Published by The Hauge Inner Mission Federation 1941
Copyright 1941
By the Hauge Inner Mission Federation


In humility and with a deep feeling of our own unworthiness and shortcomings, we have labored to set forth a record of some of God's born-again witnesses among us, who have died unto the world, but have lived unto Him. That have been one of the aims in preparing this book.

Another aim has been to some extent, but in a broken and often interrupted manner, to point to a few outstanding facts in the run of the Living River of Christian lay-activity from the time of Pentecost down to our own days. We dare affirm from history that God has greatly used this despised and persecuted lay-movement to the glory of His name, to the awakening of the Church and to salvation of souls.

In following the Hauge movement from 1825 to 1941 here in America we find these our late fathers, friends and brothers have had the same spirit, followed in the same steps, and often met the same spirit of persecution-though not in its outward manifestations as the early witnesses, Peter Waldo, Spener, Bunyan and Hauge met.

Only a limited number of the many names that are written in God's Book of Remembrance within the Hauge movement could be chosen for this book. They were saved and called with an holy calling.

We regret exceedingly, humanly speaking, that it should have been God's will to take Peder Fostervold from our midst before he should have finished his part of the work. He certainly did not die because of having nothing to do. During his sickness, and almost dying, he kept on gathering material and writing out the record of the Inner Mission Societies. In this independent lay- activity he lived, moved and had his being. The Inner Mission Societies and the Hauge Federation were in his heart night and day. All that he did not actually write had to be finished by correspondence and under many handicaps. A great number of mistakes in the details, and otherwise, are inevitable. But we have tried to write it out in the same spirit and the same interest as far as possible.

As lay-activity and the encouragement of the Gifts of Grace are inseparable, so is this book and the various gifts of Grace. The make-up of the book is a genuine piece of the Hauge movement in action. We are very thankful to all who have made use of their gifts-some to give information, others to give personal testimonies, others to relate personal experiences, others to give helpful advice, etc.

We most heartily want to thank all who have given donations to publish this book. Without making use of this last-mentioned Gift of Grace, the book would never have seen the light of day.

We are also very thankful to the friends who have helped in correcting the earlier portions of the manuscript-Rev. David Graham, W. Weaverstad, graduate of Yankton College, S. D., and L. P. Engen, M.A. of the University of South Dakota.
To the printers and to Mr. Batalden, graduate of Augsburg College and former teacher of journalism, we owe a debt of gratitude, which is greater than any one of us realize. Those we first appealed to for help could not do it; then our beloved brother Meling took sick. Then came sickness in our families and a full two-weeks' delay in getting the manuscript to the printers -so they had to make an extra rush to get it printed before our annual meeting. Meling, of course, was entirely unable to do any proof- reading, and the rest of us live so far away. So Mr. Batalden out of good-will and kindness has undertaken to correct the major portion of the manuscript and do proof-reading and attend to many other details that belong to such an undertaking. - All for which we are exceedingly thankful, especially when we know he had to do all this on extra time, and that it does not belong to the regular work of the contract at all. Without his most welcome help, we could not have gotten the book out before the annual meeting.

We also express our sincere appreciation to our advisory members, Wm. Hodnefield and R. Meling for helpful advice and support. At this writing they both are ill. May God restore them to health, if it is His will. (Since this manuscript reached the printers, Evangelist Meling has passed on to his reward.) To H. Holte, who has taken their place as advisory member, and who has helped us a great deal, we express our heart-felt gratitude.

So in the name of Jesus, the Hauge Federation sends out this record of personal experiences with God. May it point to the five things it is said that every one needs who wants to be a living Christian and a personal worker for Him:
''1. A converted heart. 2. A Scripture-stored mind. 3. A love for souls. 4. A prayerful life. 5. The Holy Spirit of God."

S. S. Gjerde
P. Ljostveit.
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