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18 A Work of Sanctification
A Work of Sanctification
Some of the old Haugeans in Norway found pleasure in inviting laymen to come to their parishes to preach. Through this work, spiritual life was often renewed, and believers were added to the Church of the Living Lord.
Daniel Arnesen invited a Swedish brother to visit his home parish in Norway once or twice. He was a loveable and humble man with a very warm testimony.
They called him Britta's-Mads.
Much of what he said has undoubtedly been forgotten, but this was one word which imbedded itself in the minds of the Christians. When he was asked concerning his family, he said jokingly, "Oh, they're doing all they can for my sanctification." They got the impression that his family did not sympathize with him, and caused him much trial. However that was, he had the right grasp of the situation. He realized that in his home a work was going on making for his spiritual growth. Of the many trials in life the trials at home may often be the hardest. They cut the sharpest and they can cut very deep.
Not the least so because it effects our weaknesses, our bad habits, yes, our sins. But then the trials cleanse us and save us from the grip of the old nature. Then it is well if we do not go around sour and irritated, but that we are driven to the foot of the Cross and receive new cleansing. That is what we need, and that is what puts new blessing in our life.
Our Savior had met such conditions Himself. His own did not understand Him for a time. When I He went about with a holy concern for the people, His mother and His brothers "went out to lay hold on Him: for they said, He is beside Himself." Mark 3:21.
Since He was tried in all things like unto us, He can now help those who suffer under misunderstanding and contempts and slights even in their own home. He can turn the worst to the best for those who love Him.
The Lord knows what we need for our spiritual discipline and our liberation from the weakness of flesh and spirit. Therefore He lets others do all they can for your sanctification.
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