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A God Given Heritage

This is Appendix A of a book published by the Evangelical Lutheran Bible Fellowship explaining the differences between Lutheran Pietism and what is refered to as "Missourianism".

Assurance By Pastor Maynard Force.

With 90 percent of the population saying they believe, how can I know that I am not just one of the many deceived. Pastor Force lays out the tests from 1 John, that we might know we have eternal life. This was run in the "Morning Glory" in issues in Sept 2007, November 2007, December 2007, and January 2008. Used with permission from the Family of Pastor Maynard Force and Mercy and Truth Publishers, Newfolden, Mn

The Absolute Essential Word of God, The Bible by Pastor Rodney Stueland

An Editorial from the June 2008 "Morning Glory"

A review of "Pain in the Belly" by Thomas E. Jacobson.
This is the final chapter from the book "Innermission Church History" written by P. Ljostveit and published by the Hauge Lutheran Innermission Federation in 1948. It tells the story of the persecution the church suffered at the hands of the Nazi's in World War Two. Very Interesting, a must read, the church will probably face that kind of persecution again. We need to be ready.

Where are You Looking?

By Jim Haga

An important article on the relationship between baptism, faith and salvation. Download the entire May 2008 Morning Glory in PDF format by going to the Newsletter page.






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